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Sad to say, but all good things must come to an end!

Posted on: May 16, 2011

Really, Our Final Blog Post…Where Did The Time Go?!: This final blog assignment has our class engaging in one another’s thoughts and discussions while providing positive feedback at the same time. Our feedback should be thoughtful, insightful, constructive, as well as curtious all steming from the various theories we have learned throughout the semester. I really liked the idea for this final post because unlike our other posts we will be able to engage with our classmates and get others ideas and views on a previous topic we have discussed. This will give us the ability to expand our own thoughts and ideas and look in a different direction. As we have learned before, it is always important to take into consideration different views in order to come up with the best final product.

Response #1: I like the fact that you start off by introducing yourself and making yourself very relatable to your readers. The structure of the paragraphs made the blog very easy to read through, the flow between the paragraphs was written very well. The change of font and dialogue of your own thoughts made it enjoyable to hear your own unique opinions. What made it even more interesting is that you are a dancer, which makes it more intriguing because you have real life experiences to base your opinions and thoughts off of.

Including pictures from the actual show give the readers, especially those who do not watch the show, a better idea and understanding of what the show is about and what to expect. Obviously, ball room dancing is a very extravagant and theatrical sport, much different from any other style of dancing that our generation usually sees. Since the show has become more popular throughout its seasons I think many readers will enjoy reading this blog and keeping up with the seasons.

One suggestion that I would have to alter the blog would be to add more links throughout the blog. I think it would be intriguing to find out more about the different contestants and what actually goes on behind the scenes. Or even more links on how :it is related to media criticism.

Response #2: I must say that “How I Met Your Mother” is a new show that I had recently come across and have been addicted to watching. I had always heard of the show, but never really gave it a chance and would always pass over it not giving it a second. I personally enjoyed reading your blog because even though I had just started watching the show I liked that I was able to read more about the characters and become even more familiarized with the background of the show. I thought you were very creative with how you exhibited the connected between the characters roles and how they fit into Propp’s eight characters in a television program.

 I liked how you separated the different paragraphs into short ones, it made      it much easier to read. I also fully agree with your last statement that it’s always to  examine media. It is always to crucial to understand what is real and not real  because we will better understand our culture around us. So, I think that was a very insightful point of view! It was nice to see you using a narrative criticism point of view, something different than what we usually see. I learned a lot by seeing this show viewed in a different sense. I really enjoyed reading your blog, you did great!

Response #3: Everytime I come across this topic it continue to shock me even more. Between today and when I was a younger kid, which was not that long ago, technology has turned into this huge monstrosity. With the given statistics that you have given it blows my mind that kid these days waste so much money on useless materialistic things and what I don’t understand even more is where are these kids getting their money from? Why are their parents allowing them to become a victim to smart phones, television, computers, etc. I feel that they are quickly losing their childhood, which is something that they will never get back. I liked that you used the expression “cradle to grave” because it is so accurate in every way.

I like how you also use the term “age compression” because you explain perfectly how children are growing up so quickly, the term tween has now jumped all the way down to age eight or so. I enjoyed reading how you related it to ideological criticism explaining dominant opinions and values becaue they are constantly changing. How the media in our world today is able to maimipulate our culture and especially our innocent youth. I think you did a great job overall explaining this ever changing topic that definitely needs to be addressed in every generation.

Response #4: First of all, Disney is a great topics becaue who doesn’t love Disney?! But of course after learning that Disney has slighty corrupted our childhood and those young generations today as well. It’s somewhat upsetting because Disney movies were something kids, especially young girls, look up to and learn their basic gender roles from. But as we have previously learned little girls are taught to play the victim to the males and the males are to be the ones who hold all the power.

Using the example of Beauty and The Beast was perfect because it exhibit the damsel in distress to the beast stereotype. But what is upsetting is that today women I feel hold more power than ever and that will only continue to increase. Young girls should at a young age be taught the current gender roles of our society today.

After reading your blog and learning about this topic in class it only opens my eyes even more to how you can not trust even the most innocent personas. Parents must take upon more responsiblity to monitor what their children are viewing. I learned a lot from your blog and it is definitely a great controversial topic to discuss. Great job!

Some Final Thoughts: Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment more than the others because it gave me a chance to read what others have been writing throughout the semester. Usually I just post my blog and that’s all the interaction I have with my classmates on the site, but this time I was able to provide feedback as well as receive it. By having feedback only helps improve on writing skills that you might of not known needed help in the first place. So, safe to say this blog assignment I think was a great success! This site also gave each of us an individual way to express ourselves through text, images, as well as links. It is something completely different than what we normally do in any other class and it made the course that much more fun to be a part of. I wish that more teachers would implement this idea into their course schedule because after this being my second time using this technique I enjoyed it just as much as the first time!


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